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George Alex Hainsworth is a designer-artist-maker based in South Wales. 


I design set and costumes for the stage often centring on work that is community or education focused or productions that tour to smaller regional venues that aim to make theatre more accessible to a wider audience.

Also working as a scenic draughtsperson and project manager, I have worked as part of the wider design team to develop the construction of large scale touring and international productions as well as audience interaction environments.

In my own time, my personal artistic practice focuses on the overlooked beauty of the everyday, a fascination with the simple act of mark making, and how through art we can connect to ourselves.  This informs my design practice and my belief that design can play an active role in the telling of stories, influencing how bodies move through space and how an audience connects to the narratives we seek to tell.

This website provides an overview of some of my work. For my C.V. please click here. If you would like more information, or would like to collaborate on a future project, please get in touch


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